Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lessons from Daniel

I wasn't able to attend this morning's meeting due to the fact that I ran my first 5K ever. (See my results here.) Although, I missed being there with you, I am so happy that you continued to help each other to have a meeting today.

Cyndi lead our discussion today and she based it on Daniel Chapter 1. Here's her words about what we can learn from Daniel:

Today at WOW we read about Daniel and his friends being prepared with the eunuchs at the King's court in Babylon. They were supposed to eat rich meat and drink wine, but Daniel knew they would be better off to eat pulse (foods made of seeds and grains) and drink water. The prince of the eunuchs was afraid they would grow weak, but Daniel challenged him to let them eat as they wished and see how they compared with the other eunuchs after ten days. After that time, they far surpassed the other eunuchs, and when they were presented to the king he saw that they were "ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers there were in all his realm."

When we eat meat in moderation and rely more heavily on grains (as mentioned in D&C 89) we too will be healthier. As for other diets, give them 10 days and see how they stack up - certainly not as well as the Word of Wisdom.

This reminded me of our theme, Lighten Up, that we used in the last session based on this hymn quoted in a talk, Sweet Power of Prayer, by Elder Russell M. Nelson:

He gave us His truth to brighten
Our path, to help us walk His way,
To love and serve, to lift and lighten
The lives of all who will obey.

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