Saturday, July 17, 2010

Move More? Eat Less?

Move More? Eat Less? is a simple quote I recently read on Cathy Zielske's blog. She's a famous scrapbooking lady who in the past year has overcome, lost lbs. and has had a transformation by using this as her motto. I felt inspired by this simple statement which had me thinking...

What types of exercise do you like? I don't personally like this question so I thought if I changed it and asked: What activities did I participate in this week? It turns the answer is very different. I've walked around parks and Art Museums, went swimming at the pool with my children, helped someone move, hosted a water party for Gracie's Preschool friends, and then finally helped (even if just a little) at an Eagle project. There might be even more that I'm not even aware of but it's nice to think of just moving more rather than in terms of exercise like running etc... I'm not saying that's not important and it should be done too but don't disount sweeping that floor or anything else you may have done to move!

Think about your week and what activities you participated in then share with us what you have done to Move More.

I think you'll discover that you're not as far off the path of this weight loss journey as you think. Remember our old motto: Moving It Along - Let's help each other move!

*Okay, so would anyone like to volunteer to help me mop my floors?* j/k ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Class Questions

Can you feel the heat yet? I hope you are keeping yourselves hydrated. That is one way to start small with weight loss by carrying around a water bottle.
Summer is in full swing and so are our WOW classes. Erin has been leading our discussions and here are the questions that she's sent to me. I know so many of you have really liked studying these and have found them helpful so I'll put them on here for you.

Questions for Mosiah 15 – Alma 4

Questions for 2 Nephi 17 - Jacob 5

As soon as I get the questions from this Saturday or any other I'll be sure to share them with you.

How do you like these questions? Have they been helpful to you? Leave a comment about how you like WOW classes this summer.