Saturday, February 5, 2011

To Stretch or Not to Stretch: that is the Question?

Our meeting was led by Heidi today. She helped us understand about stretching and flexibility. One thing that she said that stood out in my mind was that one should never stretch a cold muscle. Instead, walk around the block for 5 min. and then stretch out. After stretching, resume your regular exercise and then stretch again after you exercise. This is all wonderful, I think. I hope it will help you feel a difference in your energy and prevent you from having an injury too.

Women's Heart Foundation - Stretching Exercises for Women

All of this information and the fact that we actually walked around the church today then we did a stretching routine helped us have a successful WOW session, even though small, today.

We are still keeping our group up even though the last two weeks of WOW haven't worked out - we are still looking forward to resuming in March. More information to come for you about each of our classes.