Thursday, June 17, 2010

WOW, we're back!

Hello, Everyone! After a sucessful weight loss with 300 lbs. lost collectively during our last session and an amazingly fun dinner/dance celebration, WOW meetings are back! We have already started again for our summer session. It's not to late to get started either so feel free to ask any of us what it's all about.
I still have many ideas and I'm hoping to get those shared in a blogging class so that more of our authors will feel comfortable in posting their thoughts and we'll get this blog rolling again! Plus, I'll make an effort to be more consistent myself. I still have lots of notes to share from all of our previous classes and I know that there will be more to come.
For this WOW session, we've started a Book of Mormon Summer Reading Event. Melanie is hoping that this will help give us better attitudes and uncover a lot of the personal issues associated with weight, overeating, emotional triggers, and ultimately getting to a point that we have lost and then continue to maintain and be healthy.
I'm putting the handouts on here so that you'll be able to download and print them out as you need to or pass this blog address along and share them with others who desire to lose weight as well. Melanie Johnson has worked very hard on putting all of this information so please be kind and give her the credit as you share. I'm putting on a Creative Commons copyright for this blog as well. It is not to be used for commercial uses, you may alter as long as you share what you have done with us, and you may share within your church, weight-loss groups etc... You may contact Melanie or me for any more information on this. Thank you.

Without further adeiu, here are the latest handouts:

Find them here and let me know if you have any trouble opening them.

I'm looking forward to this next session of WOW!

Monday, June 14, 2010

book of mormon questions

I loved the questions on Saturday! I don't have my own set yet, waiting for an email. But I really think Melanie was inspired when she wrote the questions. I can see this program helping us get to the root of our food addictions and weight gain. Thanks Melanie