Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little Things

A couple of years ago, I received a homemade card in the mail from my cousin, Jen. It was so cute with light blue paper, colorfully stamped butterflies and flowers on a white background but the saying that was on the card has creased itself in a corner of my brain. It read: It’s the little things that matter.
So, it’s not unusual, that I’ve been thinking about this statement during these last few weeks of struggles with food, lack of motivation to exercise leading to less energy. I’ve come to realize how true this simple statement is. It is the little things that matter. I need to be ever diligent when it comes to my health because it truly has to be a way of life for me.
So, when I have little triumphs such as not buying the candy bar that I can’t take my eyes off of or when I make healthier choices while I’m shopping in general, I can feel happy about this. I need to use these tiny good choices as motivation to make more small good choices to help me maintain my healthy living. So, if I only have 10-20 minutes to exercise and instead of thinking I don’t have time - I take it! I exercise for as long as I can. It can seem like a race! I own up to these little amounts of time and I use them.
After all, it can be those little things added up that will end up making the biggest difference on the scale. At least, this is the way it has worked out for me with losing weight in general.

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